Baroque Alchemy


 Ancient and modern meet in a spectacular musical fusion 

Piers Adams - recorders     Lyndy Mayle - keyboards 

Baroque Alchemy - a  fusion of ancient and modern, simple and complex, celestial and earthy, masculine and feminine in a dazzling and moving performance.  The virtuoso recorder playing of international maestro Piers Adams is perfectly complemented by the keyboard wizardry of Lyndy Mayle as they explore a wealth of  baroque, classical, world and contemporary music in an entirely new context, combining the timeless sound-world of historical recorders with the universe of possibilities offered by 21st century sound technology. 

Prepare to be uplifted, awakened, enthralled and stilled in equal measure by one of the most original acts in today’s rapidly changing musical world

 Piers Adams is widely regarded as one of the greatest recorder players of our age. He has recorded numerous CDs and given thousands of concerts and broadcasts across the world with his iconic ensemble Red Priest, attracting the highest acclaim for his bold and creative musicianship. His lifelong interest in alternative philosophies led to the creation of his ground-breaking recording ‘Bach Side of the Moon’ (which reached No. 5 in the international New Age charts) - and now to the arrival of Baroque Alchemy!

Lyndy Mayle was a multi-prizewinning harpsichord student at the Royal College of Music before becoming a music director at the National Theatre, and subsequently working for many years as a music therapist and highly respected piano teacher. She returns to the concert stage after a long hiatus, bringing a wealth of musical experience, passion and spirit to this joyful musical collaboration.